Hamoody Jaafar


Razi Jafri

Executive Producer

Jesse Ford

Sam Pollard

Mohannad Malas

Production Company

Mulberry Productions

WTP Pictures


Osei Essed

Santiago Arias-Rozo


Tommy Daguanno

Richie Trimble

In the extremely competitive world of high-school basketball, the young men of River Rouge, Michigan, have had decades of championship glory. The legacy of the Panthers has been enshrined and they are in pursuit of their 15th state championship. Rouge follows the current coach and four players, who shoulder the weight of the team’s celebrated history as well as the pressures of making future careers for themselves. Older legends tell tales of former victories while also exploring the challenging economic and environmental circumstances of the industrial town. Despite the hardships, the team players—both old and new—continue to compete and thrive in the game they love so much. This storied school athletics program has continued to defy odds and raise the bar on and off the court, providing a sense of community and hope for the future.